Gruesome Frights for Halloween Nights

This is a short excerpt of my all time favourite horror movie list, the actual list probably having about 536 titles or more…I forced myself to pick only a few films as I was afraid that the more I thought about the more the list might change or grow longer by the minute!

Maybe you’ll find a movie on that list that you haven’t watched yet or maybe after reading it you might want to see a film again that you haven’t seen for some time! – I’d be happy about both!

Botched – This is a film that defies categorisation. It starts as a thriller with a heist gone wrong and now Ritchie (Stephen Dorff) gets another assignment from his boss (Sean Pertwee) to make up for his glitch. He’s supposed to steal an incredibly valuable golden cross from a skyscraper with the help of two stupid Russian mobsters. Actually no big problem for a master thief like him, but what happens in the building is so gory, funny, unexpected and out of touch with the real world it has to be seen to be believed!! This is a rare little gem of a movie! I dare you to discover the “disco switch”!!

The Collector, directed by Marcus Dunstan, who wrote some scripts for the Saw franchise and it clearly shows in this movie. It’s about an ex- con who tried to go honest, but when his girlfriend tells him she’s in debt to a mobster he breaks into the villa of his employer as he knows the family has gone away. But once inside he finds out that he is not alone in the house and that there’s no way of getting out again. Soon the sequel to The Collector called The Collection will be out and this is a good occasion to watch this movie again. Though it may not always be logical (as many horror movies) it has some really gruesome effects and many scenes with nail-biting suspense that made me hold my breath more than once!

Martyrs is one of the great horror films that came out of France during the last few years. A homage to Dario Argento it is definitely not for the faint hearted and many critics said it features too many unnecessary violence that is not related to the story which may be true and it’s sometimes really an ordeal to watch. Nevertheless the story of a woman that was abducted as a girl and now seeks revenge on the people who did this to her is one of the most original, suspenseful and visually great movies of the last decade!

Psycho – Still one of the greatest and best psychological thrillers ever!! They are just making a movie about the making of the movie of Psycho (sorry, did that make your brain also spin a little?) and if I should ever meet Gus Van Sant he will get a decent beating from me for his abomination of a remake! Back to Psycho – what can I say? That a black-and-white film from 1960 still has more suspense than many of today’s movies? That Hitchcock’s fabulous cinematography still gets me all wet? (Mind you, he would have loved me saying that, the old chauvinist) Anthony Perkins was the best choice ever to play Norman Bates and Hitchcock was surely way ahead of his time with this movie, just like he was with Frenzy. A true classic – the classic!

The Thing by John Carpenter is still one of my all time favourite movies ever! The claustrophobic setting in Antarctica around a team of scientists who get trapped at their base by an alien entity and nobody trusts anyone anymore and the great actors make that movie really worth watching over and over again. And don’t forget the glorious effects (no CGI in sight) are still state of the art and simply awesome and make any creature lover salivate! The story is tight and there are scenes that still make me jump after seeing it many times – like the blood testing scene! A feast for every horror fan!

Deep Red – My favourite Dario Argento movie ever (though Suspiria is up there right with it) and why not indulge in this visually stunning masterpiece of cinema on Blu-Ray again? It’s a great story about a clairvoyant that senses a murder in the audience during an appearance and who gets brutally murdered later the same night. A pianist (David Hemmings) witnesses the murder and tries to help but he’s too late and as he himself becomes a suspect he tries to solve the mystery. Profondo Rosso is the epitome of the aesthetics of murder and clearly shows what Argento used to be capable of, the cinematography alone gets me a hard-on each time! Put that together with one of the best soundtracks ever by the famous Goblin and you have a truly cinematic masterpiece!

Re-Animator – The dream team of horror, producer Brian Yuzna and director Stuart Gordon, brought to screen Re-Animator, based on a H.P. Lovecraft story, and up to this day Herbert West is one of the most loveable and loathsome villains, a character so incredibly well brought to life by Jeffrey Combs. When medical student Dan Cain takes in his new wealthy roommate Herbert West his life will change forever as West will prove that what is dead doesn’t have to stay dead and soon the neon green fluid is injected and blood starts squirting and the entrails start flying in this ultra gory classic! Also very memorable appearances are by the late David Gale as the creepy Dr. Hill and for all the guys out there the wonderful boobs of Barbara Crampton are on display quite a lot! Re-Animator is one of the goriest, funniest and most deviant horror movies of the 80’s!

Trick’r’Treat is one of the best Halloween related films ever, though sadly I always find that not many people know about it! It combines four bloody and surprising anthologies all wrapped up on Halloween eve and it brings you undead kids, a creepy lil’ fucker called Sam who has some very special treats with him and an entertaining 90 mins. of some nice gore and fun!

Halloween! The title itself! The original! Carpenter directs! The great Donald Pleasance! Michael Myers! Haddonfield! – ‘Nuff said!