Fear The Dark by Chris Mooney


Fear The Dark is the newest thriller featuring Mooney’s awesome kick-ass creation Darby McCormick.
After recent events left Darby without her job at the Boston CSI she has agreed to help her old mate (and love interest) Coop with a new FBI case.
Darby has gained a lot of credit with the Bureau, as she helped solve two high profile cases the FBI couldn’t for years. One of the best FBI agents, Terry Hoder, is overseeing the investigation and Darby is also eager to work with him, as Hoder is a FBI legend.

Darby’s journey with Coop leads her to Red Hill, a small secluded town that is not only shit out of luck economically but also being haunted by a killer nicknamed the Red Hill Ripper. Only shortly before Darby and Coop arrive at Red Hill a second family has fallen prey to the devious killer. The Red Hill Ripper invades the homes of women he has targeted and he includes the unfortunate relatives in his game, leaving no survivors. The certain special skilled way how the killer ties the knots of the rope with which he suffocates his victims is one of the very few pieces of evidence he leaves behind.

Things are being complicated further as there is a war going on between the police of Red Hill and the Sheriff’s department at the nearby town of Brewster. Soon Red Hill will be incorporated and the Red Hill police department will become obsolete. So each authority tries to beat the other in solving the case first and in doing so securing their jobs, which doesn’t make things easier for the FBI and Darby.

Soon after Darby has arrived in Red Hill and taken up her work she receives a disturbing call from the killer…He makes it clear she is in his focus now though Darby wouldn’t be Darby if she flinched from locking horns with the devil himself.

The way Mooney gives the reader insight to the newest methods the FBI uses to bring seemingly invisible evidence to light is absolutely fascinating and entertaining, and a million miles away from your average police procedural thriller.
The story takes the reader on a truly grim ride through the most atrocious pits of the human mind. Mooney dextrously weaves his net of terror for the reader to get trapped in.
Fear The Dark has some great unpredictable twists and how some events and characters are interconnected will leave even the most experienced thriller fans speechless at the end.
Fear The Dark is yet another dark, gruesome and nerve-wrecking and cunningly constructed thriller by Chris Mooney and I enjoyed the bloody fuck out of that book.

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