Medium Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader is the highly anticipated new novel by Mel Sherratt featuring DS Allie Shenton.

Follow the Leader starts with forty-something Mickey Taylor walking his Spaniel Harry near the Caldon Canal early in the day. When a stranger approaches him Mickey is not suspicious at all. Little does he know it is that man that will end Mickey’s life.

Mickey’s body is found soon afterwards and now DS Allie Shenton is on the case. There aren’t any witnesses to the murder, no CCTV footage and all that the killer has left behind is a small plastic letter of ‘E’, like the ones children use to stick on fridges. While the police are trying to find the killer by screening Mickey’s pottery business, his family and the employees the killer is already plotting his next murder, as Mickey wasn’t the only one on his list…

With the dead bodies piling up and personal things taking a turn for the worse for Allie she still puts all her efforts in finding and stopping the murderer.

In Follow The Leader the reader gets to know early on who the killer is. Sherratt provides enough background information so the reader can fully relate to the motives of Patrick. Patrick’s story is a very tragic example of someone who was completely failed by social services, neighbours, teachers and first of all his parents as a kid. The failures of the past are what made him want to murder all the people he thinks have done him wrong.

DS Allie Shenton surely is the epitome of the modern woman. She is working in a still mostly male dominated job. She is happily married to Mark yet it doesn’t keep him from giving Allie grief regarding her working hours during a case. Torn between fulfilling her job while also looking after her sister in the nursing home and finding time for her husband is surely something a lot of women can relate to that are struggling with the job/family/life balance and it makes Allie all the more likeable!

Sherratt is a keen observer of everyday relationships and life and you feel that you’ve already met or seen the featured characters somewhere before. Follow The Leader shows how the negligence of society in preventing child abuse can have a devastating effect on many other families in the future.

Follow The Leader is highly recommended not only to her devoted fans but to anyone who enjoys a thrilling and dark crime read!

Watch out for an in-depth interview with Mel Sherratt on my blog tomorrow, Thursday the 12th of February!


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