Ricochet is an overwhelming cornucopia of extraordinary short stories…it’s a mind-blowing, luscious, visually compelling and cleverly arranged buffet of very diverse short stories.

You’ll encounter a flesh-creeping dash of Cthulhu, then a morsel of extremely wild and gruesome gangster fiction, a flamboyant twist of beloved childhood lore, Lucifer, space, aliens, ghosts, pop culture with stars long gone and still present…

In one story Tim Dry takes the meaning of how words can become a drug the very literal way showing a dystopia where you buy paragraphs at your local dealer to devour/ingest for an injection of instant creativity – now how cool is that!?

If you like to delve into truly inventive fantasy worlds and read something that you won’t find in many other books then it’s time you indulge yourself with the extraordinarily livid and unlimited imagination of Tim Dry – you won’t regret it!!

Also, Ricochet features truly imaginative and funny ads and/or newsflashes at the beginning of each story and they reminded me of the hilarious over the top commercials from Robocop!

The new television show you will read about here and there throughout the stories, Celebrity Bloodbath, is really something we need, as it would mean less celebrities afterwards – I’d definitely watch that one!

You can buy Ricochet at Spectral Press directly and you can also find it on amazon.co.uk



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