Turbo Kid


You all know what it’s like when you’ve seen a trailer and the wait for watching the actual movie becomes absolutely agonizing. Then, when you’re finally sitting down to watch that movie it’s sometimes a harsh disappointment – or the movie is everything you’ve been expecting and hoping for.

Turbo Kid definitely falls into the latter category!

The Kid (Munro Chambers) is an orphaned teenager, trying to exist in the hostile environment around him, making a living by scavenging all kinds of things and selling them. His most treasured possession is a comic in which the title hero, Turbo Man, stands up against the bad guys.
One day the Kid meets the bubbly and enthusiastic Apple (gloriously great: Laurence Leboeuf!), who from now on follows him loyally like a dog. When the Kid gets into trouble with evil overlord Zeus (hell yeah, it’s the awesome Michael fucking Ironside!), who stages unfair fights as entertainment for his sadistic gang, he gets unexpected help from the hardboiled adventurer Frederic (Aaron Jeffery) and his men. Together they try to end the reign of Zeus once and for all.

Turbo Kid is the absolute perfect and loving homage to the post-apocalyptic movies that flooded the cinemas after Mad Max originally hit theatres during the dawning of the eighties.
The sympathetic characters and over the top bad guys along with some nice plot twists make Turbo Kid a real event for movie buffs who still fondly remember those glorious times. What the movie lacks in budget it makes up in innovation and with a true heart and understanding for what makes a great film!

From the totally accurate eighties clothing (I had the exact same knee and elbow pads that the Kid is wearing in the movie!) to the scavenged equipment look of the evil hordes and the super cool and uplifting 80s synth soundtrack  – Turbo Kid is one big nostalgic love declaration to the magic of the eighties while always being wonderfully tongue in cheek!! Add some really cool gory effects and you have a fantastic, feel-good movie that will put a spring in your step and a huge smile on your face long after leaving the movie theatre! A must-see cinematic gem!!!!!!