The Devil Under The Skin by Anya Lipska


The third book of Anya Lipska’s Kershaw/Kiszka series begins with a very happy Janusz Kiszka. He is looking forward to his girlfriend Kasia finally leaving her husband and moving together with him.

Natalie Kershaw is going through a more rough patch in her life and career. She has to go to dreaded sessions with a psychiatrist after shooting a guy that attacked her with a samurai sword. She knows very well those sessions will decide if she is being seen fit for duty with a firearm at her SCO19 unit again.

When Janusz can’t get a hold of Kasia the day she wanted to move in with him he is afraid she might have changed her mind or that her husband has beaten her like he used to do before. He goes to Steve’s place but all he eventually finds are two flight tickets to Spain.

To calm his mind about Kasia having left with Steve Kiszka calls Natalie Kershaw for help, still thinking Steve might have abducted Kasia. When Kershaw confirms the flights have not been used Janusz is starting to look for Steve. Both Janusz and Natalie are yet to become aware that Steve has been involved in some nasty business and that some very dangerous people are looking for Kasia’s husband…

Anya Lipska has not only come up with Kiszka and Kershaw as two great and original main protagonists, she is also very good at creating on the spot supporting characters that give the events depth and make the story all the more intriguing.

Lipska’s writing style is very entertaining and she has a way of combining the right amount of funny scenes – mostly involving Janusz and his mate Oskar – with very gripping and dark moments.

The Devil under the Skin is a fast and exciting read that will satisfy all fans of the Kiszka/Kershaw series as well as all readers that like their thrillers dark and brutal.