Evil Unseen by Dave Sivers

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DI Lizzie Archer and DS Dan Baines are being called to a double murder. One of the victims is Brandon Clark, a young man and former criminal to whom Baines had a very good relation. Baines is devastated, as he knew Brandon could have advanced to a better life.

The first clues lead to the local nasty gangbanger Ryan Sturridge, a former mate of Brandon, who once threatened to kill anyone who’d dare to cross him and leave his gang.

The second victim remains a mystery for Archer and Baines. Matthew Butcher had a house he inhabited but without any personal touch it seems like he had not really lived there. Routinely they try to locate the next of kin but it’s a surprise when they learn Matthew Butcher didn’t exist. Finding out the true identity of the dead man proves difficult but becomes mandatory to solve the double murder.

Dave Sivers weaves an intriguing plot that takes many unexpected turns, slowly building up to the unexpected solution. With Evil Unseen Sivers created a crime story that moves along smoothly and it’s a pleasure to accompany the very likeable team Archer and Baines.

If you are looking for a worthwile and gripping crime mystery to distract you from the current foggy and ghastly weather than I highly recommend you delve into Evil Unseen.

Evil Unseen will be out on January 28th – mark that date in your calendars!

An interview with the lovely and charming Dave Sivers will be on my blog February 1st, so watch this space.

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