A Death in Sweden by Kevin Wignall


Dan Hendricks is a man who has worked special jobs that didn’t exactly leave him popular with his former employer. Some of his old friends have been killed recently and it looks like the CIA is leaving no witnesses to their questionable past black operations.

Dan’s friend Patrick advises him to lay low for a while and offers him a job in Sweden. Dan agrees to find out more about a man called Jacques Fillon who saved the life of a young girl before he died in a freak accident. Patrick wants to know why the new head of the CIA, Bill Brabham, has also shown an interest in Fillon.

Inger Bengtsson, the beautiful employee from the Swedish Security Service, helps Dan with his investigations. They find evidence that leads to an unresolved murder case in Paris from over ten years ago. As the mystery about Fillon slowly starts to unfold their chase for more answers takes them all over Europe while Dan is still being hunted by hired CIA killers.

Kevin Wignall’s prose is a joy to read, very sharp and down to the point. He has mastered the art of perfectly describing surroundings and characters with only few words and it works wonderfully with his linear narration.

A Death in Sweden offers the reader the best of both genre worlds, an action-packed spy story that will take you to places all over Europe alongside great characters and an enigmatic crime story whose untangling will leave you gobsmacked.

If you are tired of the usual crime stories and police procedurals than A Death in Sweden offers a refreshing and intriguing chase for the truth that won’t leave you disappointed.

A Death in Sweden is already available from amazon as an e-book and in paperback.

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