Orphan X by Gregg Hurwitz


Orphan X cover


Evan Smoak is the Nowhere Man. To the outside world and his neighbours he leads a normal life in Los Angeles. Evan has retired from his former job and disappeared from the radar, hiding from the people who tried to kill him. He operates from the shadows as a one man A-Team who helps people that are in trouble and who can’t turn to the police.

One of Evan’s newest clients is the beautiful and enigmatic Katrin, a professional gambler highly indebted to some bad people. Her father has been taken hostage and they threaten to kill him if she can’t pay. Soon after Evan offers her to help things start to spiral out of control and he doesn’t know anymore who to trust.

While Evan has been allowed a glimpse of everyday life by getting closer to his neighbour Mia and her young son Peter he fears the people he eluded successfully for a long time eventually found him. He knows his past is catching up with him and that they won’t stop until he’s dead.

Gregg Hurwitz created a cool, enigmatic and very sympathetic hero with Evan Smoak. Orphan X is a breathless, action-packed treat of a story that has everything a high-octane thriller needs: a hard-as-nails hero with a heart who is aided by some of the coolest gadgets on the planet, larger than life adversaries and well-crafted supporting characters.
The story moves along fast as a bullet and Las Vegas provides the perfect exclusive backdrop for epic action scenes and a nail-biting showdown that will put James Bond and John McClane to shame.

I know it’s still very early in 2016 but if you only read one action thriller this year it has to be Orphan X!

Orphan X is out tomorrow, the 19th of January.

Get it from your local bookstore, the almighty Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Also, Gregg is making appearances all over the US at the moment. You can check out the details on his very cool website: http://www.gregghurwitz.net

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