Every Three Hours by Chris Mooney



Darby McCormick has mixed feelings when she enters the building of her former employer, the Boston Police Department. She helped expose many of the Boston cops involved not only in the killing of her father but also in devious criminal acts. Darby agreed to come back because she has been asked to take a look at some case files.
She has barely made it through security when things get out of hand. A man with an explosives belt strapped around his waist takes a pregnant woman hostage and it falls into Darby’s hands to negotiate with him.
The terrorist tells her bombs are ready to detonate all over the city of Boston. Every three hours one will explode if his demands are not met.
The bomber wants to talk to Mayor Briggs on live TV and promises to defuse all bombs and release all hostages once this happens.
Darby desperately tries to stop the terrorist from unleashing havoc on the city and in her investigations slowly unravels atrocities that reach up to a very high level…

This time Darby is up against a mysterious evil mastermind that forces her to uncover terrible secrets that many others like to keep covered up and that threaten not only her own life.

Chris Mooney never fails to entertain the hell out of his readers. Once you start reading it’s impossible to quit this pulse-quickening thriller.
Every Three Hours sees Chris Mooney’s cool heroine Darby back in the game alongside great characters in a race against the clock that will make you sweat. Surprises are paramount in Every Three Hours and the ending will leave you shocked and speechless.