Alice is surprised to find a special birthday present in her mail. Karen, the woman she always admired and from whom she never heard again since leaving Uni, has invited her to a stay at a cottage in the Highlands. Alice is ecstatic about the thoughtful gift and to receive a life sign from Karen and agrees without second thought.

Once Alice arrives at the cottage the surprises are mounting up. Karen has a daughter she wanted Alice to get to know. Despite the cottage being cold and not as luxurious as expected Alice is over the moon to spend time with Karen and her baby girl.

The atmosphere changes when Jodie and Mark arrive to stay at the cottage. They are old acquaintances from Uni but Alice was never that fond of them. Mark is an unsuccessful musician and braggard, Jodie a self-obsessed doll with not much of an intelligent output.

The confined space brings out many conflicts between the four. When the police show up at their door, inquiring about a baby that has been kidnapped at a cottage close by, it’s just the beginning of terrible events to come…

A.J. Waines created a compelling claustrophobic scenario amidst a snowed in cottage. She plays perfectly with the anticipations of the reader and the dynamics of four old friends stuck in a confined space with everyone harbouring secrets.

No Longer Safe is a compelling read with a wicked ending that will occupy your mind long after you finished reading.

You are welcome to keep guessing how it’s all connected but be prepared to be whacked over the head by a conclusion you simply can’t foresee!

No Longer Safe is out February 4th so mark that date!

A.J. Waines will answer a few questions regarding No Longer Safe for her blog tour, so check back to Devoted to Thrills on February 6th.




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