Terri Latham is disturbed by a tapping sound at her back of her house but when she looks there’s no one there. When the sound occurs again she checks and is surprised to find a huge black bird picking at the window with its beak. She opens the backdoor to find the bird has somehow trapped itself and she wants to help set it free again…

The next day things are getting complicated for DS Nathan Cody, as his former girlfriend Megan Webley has joined as DC on his team at MIT. They are being called to a murder scene and find a female victim with a dead crow placed on her face. What they discover under the bird is less than pleasant. A note attached to the bird’s foot is reciting the beginning of Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem The Raven.

Webley is shocked when she realises she knew Terri Latham personally and that the deceased was a police bobby. The perspective of the case shifts after that revelation, especially as Latham was involved in an incident that put her and her former partner under close investigation regarding the death of a supposed offender.

While trying to solve the case Cody has to battle his inner demons, assure his boss he is up to the job and convince himself he doesn’t mind that Megan is engaged and that he can keep the relationship with her on a professional level.

I have been a fan of Dave Jackson’s books ever since his debut Pariah. His writing style is brilliant and a joy to read and thankfully Jackson leaves out describing the much stressed part of describing police procedural work in detail. Jackson has created wonderful new characters with DS Cody and DC Webley. Also, being a fan of the UK since my early adolescence I enjoyed that he made the lovely city of Liverpool a major character in his book.

The plot of A Tapping At My Door opens in best Hitchcock tradition and moves along smoothly with enough suspense to keep the reader enthralled right until the unexpected ending. No need to say I am already looking forward to the next book by Dave Jackson.

A Tapping At My Door is published April 7th!


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