James David Macintosh went on a killing spree in the seventies. After being paroled to a halfway house he had nothing better to do repeat his modus operandi by murdering his parole officer and his family except the three-year-old daughter that he took with him.

Now DI Jack Brady has to fight against accusations of incompetence of the police as the manhunt for Macintosh is on with everyone hoping the child is still alive but everybody fearing the worst.

Meanwhile young Emily Baker finds herself trapped and chained in a musty dark cellar. She is not alone, as another of her abductor’s victims is with her but little does she know about the ways of their devious tormentor…

When Brady unintended discovers the many discarded toys of another killer, soon to be aptly named the Puppet Maker by the press, it will become one of his most disturbing cases yet. It’s a race against time to find Emily, the presumed latest victim of the Puppet Maker, as well as the three-year-old toddler abducted by Macintosh alive and chances are slim the two can be saved at all…

The Puppet Maker was a real surprise as Danielle Ramsay’s story is miles away from the many harmless and neat crime stories around. Ramsay doesn’t shy away from describing drastic scenes.Eerie locations, like an abandoned asylum, enhance the general dread weaving its way from the pages directly into the reader’s mind. Add a very creepy antagonist and an unorthodox DI and you have a story that will have you wanting to leave the lights on at night.

The Puppet Maker is definitely not for the faint-hearted and a gruesome joy for everyone who likes their serial killer stories dark and sinister.

The Puppet Maker is out on April 21st so only two more days to go!

An interview with Danielle Ramsay will be published on my blog end of this week, so watch this space!


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