A brief review of 2016


Let’s cut the crap, okay? We all know that 2016 was not exactly what most people would call a fabulous year. It was the year that took many beloved celebrities away from us, beloved childhood icons and heroes gone forever and we will be denied further output from them. While many passed away far too soon I probably won’t be making any friends by saying when you are over 80 – or even 90 – in this world and managed to do what you love for a living your death was just a logical consequence of age and not a tragedy.
The biggest tragedy this year for me was the untimely and unnecessary death of young actor Anton Yelchin. He was only 27 years old and died a most gruesome accidental death, squashed to death by his car, dying alone and not on his deathbed after a long and fulfilled life surrounded by his loved ones. He was an absolute geek (just check out the choice of people he worked with) and I am really angered at death that he took the opportunity away from me to ever be able to interview Yelchin. When I saw Green Room mid-April Anton Yelchin was still alive and Star Trek Beyond became his legacy…
Like all the others that left us this year he will never be forgotten, his work living on, inspiring not only us but also future generations.

I am an honest person and one thing I loathe most is lies. Not the little white ones sparing friends or relatives some ugly fact but lies and cheating in general. Lies and general douchebaggery were rife this year. The systematically planned doping of Russian athletes, Volkswagen cheating their customers and thinking they can get away with it, banks screwing their customers further, little men with micropenises all over the world thinking they can bend the world to their own will – the general situation of many people has become even worse with many tyrants not granting them so much as their own opinion and personal freedom. Politics are becoming tiresome yet I think these days it is more important than ever to follow the news and to keep informed about how the world is changing…

Yet with all the negativity happening in 2016 I cannot join in the chorus of gloom and doom. If you let everything get you down you might as well just shoot yourself or get yourself a noose, that’s cheaper.
No one is responsible for your own fate but you. You have to make your own destiny as you crawl along through all the everyday shit everyone has to endure. You have to persevere and to pull yourself up. Yes, I really believe in that.

I can’t fault 2016 because it has been an awesome year for me personally in so many ways.
I’ve been able to witness yet another flood of glorious creativity from authors I’ve read before and new ones I discovered, have seen awesome movies far away from soulless Hollywood blockbusters and don’t even get me started on glorious TV events like Stranger Things and Westworld.
I have had the incredible pleasure of seeing horror master John Carpenter performing his synth-hymns live on stage with an intimate audience of only five hundred people in the company of dear friends.
I’ve endured yet another reconstructive surgery but hey, I got to stay home for five weeks afterwards and skip work so that was a definite plus.

And, after working on several stories for years and investing most of my spare time in my horror novel Descent to Hell for almost two years all my hard work finally paid off and now, at the end of the year, I am a published author and my book is available worldwide.
That’s what I meant regarding making your own fate as you go. It’s okay to be sad when beloved celebrities leave us, we need to bitch about politicians when the world takes a turn for the worse but we must never let negativity turn us into hateful creatures or give up on ourselves.
Believe in yourself and persevere and anything is possible. If you haven’t done so yet you might as well give it a try in 2017.

Wishing all of you the best of luck and health for 2017.