The Nowhere Man by Gregg Hurwitz


The Nowhere Man continues with Evan helping people who have no one else to turn to. He gets a call from young Anna who fell for a cute guy. She sent him naked selfies and she is not the only one. While the girls thought they are just uploading photos for their crush the sinister buyers in the background are making their choices according to their tastes.

Evan tracks down the man in charge for putting the goods online and kills him. Little does he know this will put him into the focus of a very powerful and ruthless man.

Evan gets abducted, waking in a remote chalet in Switzerland as a prisoner of the flamboyant René. René’s fortress is guarded by heavily armed narcos and strategically well placed in forbidding snowy terrain. Two additional sharpshooters make chances of an escape unlikely.

Evan is doing his best to outsmart René’s goons – stretching the patience of his polite host –, yet it seems he has found his master in René who has depraved surprises in store for Evan, which he could never have anticipated.

The Nowhere Man is THE thriller of the year. Why I’ve come to this conclusion so early in 2017?

The Nowhere Man is spectacular in all aspects, even surpassing its predecessor Orphan X. Hurwitz did what every good author should do – he lost his inhibitions.

The Nowhere Man is a raw, visceral and bloodspattered action tour de force and would be an awesome James Bond movie – if only they did R-rated versions. The story is perfectly orchestrated beginning to end, with villains so deliciously perverse and original it’s a joy to read. Hurwitz has the unique talent of baring his protagonist’s soul with very few words, making his sympathetic hero all the more likeable.

Hurwitz coughs up cool ideas in abundance, throwing in sexy moments at the right moments, moving the story along in perfect rhythm and fast pace. His great writing style combined with superbly choreographed gory action scenes make The Nowhere Man sublime carnage that Shakespeare himself would have enjoyed.

Get ready for the ultimate action grenade of 2017!