The fourth case for the duo of Archer and Baines starts with the gruesome discovery of a female body in the woods.
Carly Eustace has been reported missing yet there is no evidence why someone should have killed her. Her husband is devastated and denies all knowledge of a lover which only puts him in trouble by making him the sole suspect…
Meanwhile another major crime demands the police’s full attention. Twelve-year-old Leanne has been hit by a car while on her way home at night. What seems like a terrible accident becomes more sinister when two of Leanne’s school friends, Jade and Becky, tell the police they heard the accident and that they noticed the car stopping before it drove away at maximum speed. Could the supposed hit and run have been a deliberate murder?
Soon after first Jade vanishes and then Becky is gone, too, two girls abducted or worse?
Could the disappearance of the girls be related to Leanne’s killing or do even the murders of Carly and Leanne have a common factor?

Prepare for more than one murder mystery in Dave Sivers’ newest book in his acclaimed Archer and Baines series.
In a suspense-packed race against time to find the missing girls there is more than one shocking plot twist that makes you realise how far people will go to cover up what they’ve done or to get what they want in this highly recommended crime thriller!

The Blood That Binds is out April 2nd!!

I’ll have Dave Sivers on my blog with an interview on Sunday, 9th of April!




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