The Autopsy of Jane Doe


Are you looking for a great horror movie to watch? One that feels like you’ve stepped back in time and makes you feel like a scared kid again? One that is absolutely creepy and will make you wish you invited friends over instead of watching it alone?

Then look no more – The Autopsy of Jane Doe delivers on every scale!

Tony Tilden (Brian Cox – an absolute pleasure in every part he plays) and his son Max (Emile Hirsch) are coroners working for the local police.
When the well-preserved body of a young woman is found in a house with multiple murder victims they have to abandon their evening plans, as the sheriff wants results as quickly as possible.
Father and son are surprised that there is no rigor mortis in the body even as it has been buried in the basement for a long time. They discover broken ankles and wrists, and a cut out tongue seem to point towards the victim having been abused as a sex worker who has been disposed of.
Yet they discover things during the ongoing autopsy that don’t add up, unearthing strange objects that they could have never expected, both unaware of what they are unleashing while there is a storm on the rise outside…

If you are an avid horror fan you will make the right conclusions about the dead body quite early on, yet even knowing where the story is heading The Autopsy of Jane Doe will scare the shit out of you!

Camera angles, sound and music plus the special effects are used in an old-fashioned way, everything orchestrated perfectly to trigger your fear and make your hairs stand on end. Terror seeps into your pores from the first few minutes on, keeping you breathless and hugging your pillow until the end.

Director André Øvredal has truly understood how horror works and created an instant classic with this very dark and super creepy gem of the genre. One of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen!