The Log House by Baylea Hart

The Log House Cover

Penny and her son live in a community bound to exist together in a huge house. They need to stay locked inside during the night, covering the windows of the house at all times. They only dare to go outside during the day,  the threat lurking close by unspeakable and unlike any other…

Penny has a strained relationship with older Mary, who seizes each opportunity to get closer to Penny’s son. One day, close to sundown, Mary lures Penny outside… Penny wakes up in a makeshift float on her way down the river. Away from her son. Away from the community. Away from safety.

Penny’s only thought is to get back home to her son. Not knowing where she is and all alone she needs to find a way through the wilderness, where not only hunger and thirst threaten to end her life but where also evil lurks…

The less I give away about the story the better. The Log House gives the reader basic information about Penny and her life right before being thrown out into the wilderness with the main character. Following Penny’s fight for survival we slowly get to know why her son is not only precious to her, about what happened in the past and what kind of creatures are lurking outside.

The Log House has all ingredients for a perfect chilling horror read. The story is mysterious and creepy, giving away fragments of what happened without explaining everything in tiny detail for the reader. It is a great eerie mix of old legends and books that I’ve read and films I’ve seen, with Baylea Hart forming it into an entirely original new story with many twists.

You can feel Baylea Hart’s love for the horror genre oozing from each page.

If you like your reads on the dark and unexpected side I’d recommend The Log House to you!

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