Writer’s Mog – Margaret Kirk


Belle – and she definitely is!!

Tell us a tiny bit about yourself and a whole lot about the mog(gies) that share your current and/or past life.

Thank you so much for inviting my felines and I to take part in your Writer’s Mog feature!
I write Highland Noir crime novels, set in my home town of Inverness and feature Scots-German detective Lukas Mahler. My furries are: Finn, a 7 year-old tricolour Ragdoll boy, and Belle, a 3 year-old blue colourpoint girl.
They are typical Ragdoll cats – beautiful, soft-hearted clumsy creatures, affectionate as dogs, and absolutely dependent on human interaction.

Finn, sleeping off his latest meal

Have you always had cats or are you a late convert to the Church of Mog?

I’ve always had cats. They’ve been part of my life from an early age and I can’t imagine being without at least one.


How did your cat(s) procure you?

I happened to see a feature about Ragdoll cats, went to visit a family who’d just had a litter of kittens, and that was it!

Belle, AKA The Ears of Judgement

What features do you like most about your current cat(s) or cat(s) that accompanied you through your life?

I have particularly fond memories of Barney, a fat ginger cat who belonged to my husband before we were married. Barney was a big ginger baby who insisted on cuddles and won the heart of everyone who met him.
Of my current cat companions, Finn is still a bit of a cat about town, though not so much as when he was younger. He likes to go out at night and patrol the neighbourhood, getting into occasional arguments with the cat next door.
Belle is possibly the sweetest-natured cat I’ve ever had. She stays by my side most of the day, and sleeps on our bed at night. I have no idea how, but when she was a tiny kitten, managed to climb onto our conservatory roof! That was an interesting retrieval exercise …


Do you have a special divert and distract method to keep your feline from bothering you while you’re writing? Or does your cat leave you alone while you are typing away?

Finn likes to sleep off his meals on top of his cat tree, so he will generally leave me alone until he wants something. Belle is younger and livelier so enjoys a lot of play before settling down beside me as I type.

Flora, who unfortunately passed away at only three years of age

Have you ever featured one of your cats or a cat in general as a protagonist in one of your stories?

No, and I don’t think I would, because terrible things always seem to happen to pets in detective stories!


Most disgusting gift/surprise you ever received from your cat(s)?

Hmm. Belle is too clueless to ever catch prey, I think, and Finn’s too lazy now. But I did have a chinchilla persian cat called Daisy, who was a fluffy feline psychopath. Her offerings included a half-mouse on the bedroom floor, which I stood on in the half-dark. And yes, there was screaming …

Action cats!! 😉

What’s the biggest catastrophe a mog has ever caused in your household?

We used to have standard cat-flaps in our house. But one day we heard a horrible screeching and scuffling in the utility room, where a neighbour’s cat had followed one of ours inside.
It was having a real go at Finn, who is big and fierce-looking but actually a big softie – the utility room is quite small, so there was nowhere for him to escape. We managed to chase out the other cat, and now we have super high-tech cat flaps which read Finn’s and Belle’s microchips. So they can come and go as they please, and their food is safe from freeloaders!