Nothing Important Happened Today by Will Carver

Nine people abandon their lives and meet at Chelsea Bridge in London, each one with their own prepared noose. Together they jump to their deaths from Chelsea Bridge because they are the People of Choice.
While their act sends shockwaves through society the media are already speculating about a secret suicide cult, especially as other suicides happening everywhere in the world seem to be connected. The police, however, are at their wit’s end. No one has taken responsibility for the mass suicide and no one has ever heard about the People of Choice before. What is this secret cult and how can the cops find the leader when they have nowhere to start and nothing that connects the victims?

Will Carver takes you on the wildest and most enigmatic literary ride of the year. Carver’s rhythm to tell the story consists of short and clipped chapters, ramblings, accusations, facts, prejudice, lies, half-truths – it’s almost how we go about our daily lives, jumping from one post to another on Facebook, joining that Twitter feed, scrolling through the newest Insta pics, juggling too much info, too much to digest.
Carver is a masterful observer when it comes to everyday life and people in general. He paints a grim yet true picture of our modern existence in sharp, wicked words, showing us our daily disenchantment in full gloom.

Carver offers snippets of what happened, allowing us glimpses into the lives of the characters of his book – mirroring the way we go about our modern everyday life – not enough time for everything, reading through, moving on to the next news/friend/event. The lack of engagement we show and the happiness we seek but hardly seem to find.

Nothing Important Happened Today is so much more than a normal thriller. It’s all that is wrong with society and on the other hand it’s the old question of who are we to judge others? Why is there still a lot of prejudice regarding people seeking help for their psychological problems and why do we often like to keep that under wraps with a sense of shame? This story will surely get you thinking… a lot!
Carver has created a unique structure of telling a story and all the info you receive regarding cult leaders that took their peers with them beyond the veil and serial killers will make perfect sense at the end when you understand what you’ve been reading.

I urge you to pay attention when you read the last quarter because all the clues, – words –, are right there even before the eye-opening finale that is incredibly brilliant crafted and unlike anything you’d expect or read before.
Believe the hype about Nothing Important Happened Today and get ready for the coolest, most devious and bizarre mindfuck you will come across this year – or even this decade!