The Hungry Moon by Ramsey Campbell


The village of Moonwell lies hidden in the Peak District and used to be a lead mine for the Romans in ancient times. The inhabitants are not at all religious folk but the old tradition of decorating the cave, about which there’s an ancient legend, is a mandatory event each year. It’s your average tranquil village with as much action – or lack thereof – and good and bad characters as in any other.
All of that changes once Godwin Mann appears. Mann’s father, a Hollywood director, was from the village. Mann claims he has seen all the depravity of LaLaLand at an early age and that he found God. Mann already brought a flock of his disciples with him. He has returned to bring religion back to Moonwell.
Everyone is sceptic at first, yet more and more start following Mann, their kids being influenced in school by the offspring of Mann’s followers.
Nick Reid, a reporter from Manchester, has a crush on Diana, a teacher in Moonwell and the two of them are getting mixed up in events that are far more sinister and supernatural than anyone could have expected…
The Hungry Moon is yet another creepy tour de force from a true master of horror, Ramsey Campbell. Campbell sets everything in a perfectly tranquil environment, only to unleash unexpected terror upon its population.
Campbell does what he’s been doing so very well during his long writing career. He mixes superstition and ancient lore to create a terrifying threat, throwing his protagonists right into the line of fire. Campbell keeps his characters and the readers on edge until the fabulously frightful finale.
Hold on to your couch, cat and/or dog and cuddly blanket because The Hungry Moon is one hell of a scary ride that will keep you holding your breath.

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