Death Deserved by Thomas Enger and Jørn Lier Horst

Alexander Blix is a veteran cop at his precinct. While his colleague Gard Fosse has climbed the career ladder and is now his boss, Blix enjoys his job as police officer.
Young journalist Emma Ramm’s worklife revolves about the lives and shenanigans of modern celebrities. She wants to pay Sonja Nordstrøm, former sports icon, a visit to question her about her freshly published book, Forever Number One. She finds the door to Nordstrøm’s house unlocked but the author missing. Her feeling tells her something is wrong about this and she calls the police.

Emma is smart and soon Blix – for his own reasons – is becoming her secret source for information. The number one was left on a piece of paper – just a hint at the title of her book? When the body of another former celebrity is found, who was also associated with a certain number, both Blix and Emma fear this could be the start of something more sinister…
Lier and Enger have started a new series with Alexander Blix on a high. Blix is a cop with a past yet he has his own character and thankfully doesn’t fit the normal ‘middle-aged cop = alcoholic’ scheme. Emma Ramm is a great female character, a modern young woman holding her own, she loves her job but she also has secrets no one knows about.

The hunt for the killer is on at a fast pace while the cops and Emma always seem to figure the next victim out too late, while Blix’s own daughter Iselin may have her own taste of fame soon, as she is one of the last few remaining contestants of the popular show Worthy Winner.

Being famous, becoming famous and the loss of former fame is a central element of Horst’s and Enger’s story. That and the question of how easy it is today to become famous and if it is always justified if you actually can’t do anything but breathe and stand upright.
The story is fast-paced and the hunt for the killer keeps the reader on the edge of their seat and you will hold your breath during the nail-biting and explosive finale. I so want to read more from the new dream team that’s not only Horst/Enger but also Alexander Blix and Emma Ramm.