Good Samaritans by Will Carver



Seth has insomnia, so he waits each night until his wife Maeve has gone up to bed until he starts calling random people from the phone downstairs, hoping to find someone who will not hang up, branding him a psycho but someone who’s willing to talk, that he can connect with.

One night, he dials the number of young Hadley, who had just picked up the receiver, thinking she has called the Good Samaritans. They start talking.

But Ant, the guy actually working for the Good Samaritans hotline, has talked to a desperate and drunk Hadley before and now he has his mind set on finding Hadley and on saving her.

Soon enough those three lives will cross and things will develop in a very different way each of them – and the readers – could have ever expected…

Will Carver has spun a dirty and deliciously sexy tale in which unhealthy obsessions lead people to do devious things. I dare you to anticipate how the storyline of Good Samaritans will develop – you will fail miserably, as Carver is a master of writing against cliché and any expectations. Good Samaritans has the ‘WTF’ moments flying high and there is more than one plot twist you’ll never see coming.

I am shocked to say Carver is, despite his age, a master observer of human behaviour and interactions. He perfectly describes the inner isolation so many feel in a world that is technically more connected than ever. How people are lonely not only if they’re single but also when they’re married. It’s shocking how pointedly he puts the thoughts of men and women on the pages that you can perfectly imagine are your neighbours, friends or colleagues.

I can’t thank Will Carver enough for bringing sex back into thriller literature. Far from the clumsily written stuff that’s too often around Carver adeptly writes arousing, steamy sex scenes that you ‘d better not read in public if you’re prone to blushing.