Channel Zero Candle Cove

channel zero


Child psychologist Mike Painter is plagued by nightmares. He returns to his hometown, where back in the eighties five kids had been killed. His twin brother disappeared – supposedly another victim of the killer who was never found.
Mike is desperate to find out what happened. All seems to be rooted in a children’s television programme called ‘Candle Cove’ that all of his former schoolmates remember very well. Strange enough they have all recently seen re-runs of the episodes. Mike’s mother doesn’t recall such a show, telling him he and his brother have always just been staring at the empty flickering of the television.
Before long one of Mike’s old schoolmates is being murdered and Mike falls under suspicion…

Channel Zero Candle Cove is a unique and excellent horror mini-series. The story is absolutely refreshing and the general tone of the episodes generates deep unease in the viewer. To take a puppet show – supposedly children’s entertainment – and twist it into something so disturbing is pure genius. Channel Zero is not as gory as TV shows like Slasher or Scream Queens yet there are unexpectedly terrifying and fucking creepy images that resonate long after you’ve seen them.
Channel Zero is a very welcome change to the usual story and it captures you right from the start until the surprising end.

Candle Cove already aired 2016 and is the first of several seasons planned rooting in so-called ‘Creepypasta’ found on the internet.

This year will have another six episodes about ‘The No-End House’ and I hope it’ll be only half as good as Candle Cove last year, airing from 20th of September.
The first season of Channel Zero will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray in the US end of September and in the UK mid-October.

Until the second season of Stranger Things airs this is a worthwile surrogate and with only six episodes ideal for binge-watching on a gloomy autumnal weekend.