They Kill by Tim Waggoner

The mysterious Corliss is appearing out of nowhere to orchestrate an accident where Jeffrey Sowell dies in a car accident. Well, his death is not long-lived (or long-deceased?), as Corliss revives him for a certain reason…
One year later, on the anniversary of her brother’s death, Sierra Sowell is not only still ridden with sorrow and guilt but she’s having a bad day. Her alcoholic neighbour Grace is accusing her of having stolen her purse, her controlling ex Stuart annoys her on the phone and Randall treats her like a kid by trying to force one of his pennies with a smiley face on her.
When Sierra thinks her day can’t become any weirder she suddenly spots her dead brother walking down the street outside. She follows him yet he seems to have vanished, except she then discovers the ‘Hi Sis’ he left carved in the stone of the building for her to see.
This is only the beginning of the events of infernal proportions Corliss has set in motion and soon she has a small army of grotesquely transformed people coming for her…
Tim Waggoner surely has done his homework regarding the horror genre, conjuring up images that are highly original and gruesomely entertaining. Warning for the faint of heart, as swearing features regularly and the sex scenes are straight off Pornhub (don’t ask me how I know about Pornhub).
They Kill is a cornucopia of original horror ideas and visceral graphic images and it hardly gives the reader time to breathe, before the story comes together in an unexpected climax.
The ideal summer read for the hardened horror hound.